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St. Mark is a community of faith that would love to meet YOU! We gather each week to connect to God through our Sunday service where we sing together, hear messages from the sacred, ancient stories that have been passed down through generations, offer prayers for one another, and take time to find peace, healing, and love. 

In a world that is so divided and full of uncertainty, we believe that there is hope to be found in the message that Jesus lived and taught. Jesus showed the people in his life that God's love was for ALL, he embodied a life full of service to others, healing, and radical love. When society deemed certain people "less than" or "other", Jesus flipped the script and said that it's precisely the people that are "othered" that God loves and that God asks us to love. In a world where we are pressured to take care of #1, payback our enemies, be anxious and scared of the chaos and uncertainty, we seek to find peace and love for all humanity in our time of searching and seeking. 

Whether you've been religious your whole life, dabbled in spirituality, have hard feelings toward the institution of church, you are welcome here. If you are seeking, you are welcome. If you are hurting, you are welcome. If you have been told you're too "other" or too anything, you are welcome. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are welcome at St. Mark and even more importantly, you are welcomed into a life of radical love and peace with God.

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