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*Our food pantry is open during our usual hours the week of 12/26

Monday 5-7pm

Wed. 10am-noon

Fri. 10am-noon

Thank you for visiting us online! St. Mark is a loving community of faith that strives to be a good neighbor, be a welcoming space for ALL to be, and to seek ways together to embody the love, healing, and peace that we believe Jesus taught and embodied. 

The mission of St. Mark is to be a church that helps people crawl from the dark and walk in the light. 

Some of the ways we live out our mission are by having our church campus be open to the community for a variety of healing groups. We have recovery groups, meals on wheels, our food pantry, our preschool, and other programs and events that bring light into our world. 

On Sundays- we gather at 10am to connect with one another and to carve out intentional space to connect with the Source of all love, to pray together for our needs and to have a time of worship and reflection as we seek to go spread love in the community! We hope you will visit us on a Sunday, or join us for community events to meet neighbors and create the world we want to see. 

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